Contacto cerrado para caja pulsadores
  • Contacto cerrado para caja pulsadores
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  • Contacto abierto

Contact fermé pour boîte à boutons


Closed contact (NC) to be mounted on 50mm thick push-button boxes. Mounting at the bottom of the box.


Simbolo contacto electrico cerrado

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Closed contact (NC) for mounting on the bottom of the push-button boxes. The boxes have to be 50mm thick.



  • Nominal work intensity (Ith): 10A.
  • Intensity of work: 50 / 60Hz (48V): 8A.

                                   50 / 60Hz (110V): 6A.
                                   50 / 60Hz (220-240V): 4.5A.
                                   50 / 60Hz (380-415V): 2.5A.
                                   DC13 (24V): 2.5A.
                                   DC13 (48V): 1.3A.
                                   DC13 (110V): 0.6A.
                                   DC13 (220-240V): 0.3 A.

  • Limit voltage supported in 1m: 2,5 Kv.
  • Contact resistance: 50 mOhm.
  • Number of electrical maneuvers:

                   Mounted on common push buttons and emergencies: 1,000,000
                   Other: 100,000

  • Number of mechanical maneuvers:

                   Common pushbuttons and emergencies: 500,000
                   Other: 100,000

  • Degree of protection: IP20


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