Cable glands and electric fittings

Cable glands that ensure on-site support and safety

In this section you will find a wide range of cable glands and electric fittings with PG type thread, specifically from PG7 to PG36, or metric thread from M12 to M36, with nut included. All the cable glands we put at your disposal are made of beige (grey) and black polyamide (Nylon).

These materials are very suitable for the passage and clamping of electrical cables in junction boxes or other devices that require sealing such as motors or position detectors, among many others.

The cable glands are supplied with nut for proper fixation and provide an IP68 degree of protection (on cables or circular elements). Fixation and sealing is achieved by using an integrated ring inside the cable gland. Comply with iec 698 international standards.

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